The Girls

Caitlin is currently trying to figure out what to do with her post post-graduate life. She enjoys writing, art history, and traveling. She believes that wine and dessert are both very important food groups. In her pop culture life, she keeps up with the Kardashians, and spends far too much time thinking about One Direction.

Christina watches too much television, and when she actually manages to lead a social life that doesn’t revolve around fictional people, you might find her at a local wine tasting room or concert.  She funds her jet set lifestyle by working in the thrilling world of university administration (ask me how!).  Though a native of California, she is still very much in awe of the mountains and the ocean as a transplant to Santa Barbara.


Meg lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband of five years and far more octopus paraphernalia than any normal human being should possess. She currently works in non-profit and aspires to be a museum professional (note: actually aspires to be HedonismBot from Futurama). She enjoys going to the ballet and the opera, partaking in archery, strolling through galleries, drinking tea, and otherwise aspiring to be a member of the nineteenth-century elite on a meager millennial income (her propensity for eating chips for breakfast while watching TLC or The Food Network undermines this goal somewhat).


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